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Blood Vessel Disorders

Cerebrovascular surgery is a passion for Professor Lind. He works as part of a multidisclinary team of interventional neuroradiologists, other neurosurgeons, and radiation oncologists specialising in stereotactic radiosurgery with the Cyberknife and Linac systems. Together they decide on which aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations to treat with microsurgery; endovascular coiling, stenting and embolization; or radiosurgery. Sometimes treatment with two or three different modalities in combination is required. Prof Lind consults with paediatric and adult stroke neurologists in the treatment of rare stroke disorders requiring bypass of brain blood vessels to restore blood flow to areas of the brain at risk from moyamoya disease and other forms of cerebral artery narrowing or occlusion. Prof Lind has experience operating for spinal arteriovenous malformations including arteriovenous fistulas.

Prof Lind doesn’t do carotid endarterectomy for internal carotid artery stenosis which is usually done by vascular surgeons.